The Twelve Days of LiveJournal

On the twelfth day of Christmas, kevandotorg sent to me...
Twelve coincidences drumming
Eleven bees piping
Ten ants a-leaping
Nine memetics dancing
Eight wikis a-milking
Seven pigeons a-swimming
Six games a-programming
Five gi-i-i-iant squid
Four random words
Three cheapass games
Two magnus mills
...and a bartok in a synergy.
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The Movie Quote Generator

"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world the Surrealbot didn't exist."

New at The Surrealist: The Movie Quote Generator. It's like the classic slogan generator, but with movie quotes. And you get to see if you can guess where the quote came from, and what the missing word was.

If you've got any favourite quotes that we've missed, leave them in comments.

LiveJournal Dungeon Adventure

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I escaped from the Dungeon of Surrealbot

I looted The Sword of Thesurrealist, The Amulet of Nobody, The Sceptre of Randomness, The Armour of Nonsense and 6 gold pieces.

Score: 31

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Fantasy World News

Utilising the same parallel-universe news gathering methods as Sci-Fi News, Fantasy World News brings you the latest happenings from an unspecified fantasy realm, where the orcish army still occupies the Kurmak Caves as part of its ongoing War on Evil.

CAVEDUST (Criers) - High elf militia rescued an orc jousting fan lost in Glassridge and unable to find his hotel again after helplessly wandering around the city for more than six hours after a match, federal militia said on Friday.

DREAMSAND GRASSWATER, Costa Brightash - Costa Brightash wants its name erased from the list of lands supporting the invasion of the Kurmak Caves. But the Orcish Empire says that's not possible.

MYSTDEATH, Tallgrey - The 7,000-strong red dragon Searock peacekeeping force in Mystvale requires urgent and effective support from the spirit world to prevent a new round of fighting later this year, AU and Empire officials said Thursday.

CHASMWOOD (Criers) - Trollcrag apologized formally on Thursday for a head tax it once levied on pixie immigrants, describing it as a historic wrong and one of "the speciesist actions of our past."

Stories are updated hourly, and there's an RSS feed of the main news.

Sci-Fi News Generator

Breaking news from two thousand years in the future - the Sci-Fi News Generator scrapes today's Yahoo news stories to extrapolate the intergalactic events of the 40th century.

GEUR DOME, the Keiper Belt - The Ghrem Collective militiamen and Phobosian police attacked each other with assault phasers and grenades in a chaotic firefight Monday that turned downtown the Keiper Belt Biodome into a battlefield and killed an aide to the Mizzexian ambassador.

LOSEEJOM (Ded) - Necros's new Overlord said on Monday his forces could be in charge in most of the planet by Nypeaz and aides of visiting Terran Overlord Damien Strog said all alien warbots may be gone within four years.

TYTARYETID (FZP) - East Nyns's alien minister Kodez Larodeibap said his planet does not need alien peacekeepers, shortly after Phyzassia said it had sent two warships close to Peodode vacuum.

SYJ DOAR, Fezrekia (Ded) - Three alien dark matter mechanoids, including a Venusian, were kidnapped from a hovercar under armed escort on Fezrekia's dark matter capital Syj Doar on Thursday, a daycycle after a Phogon dark matter executive was shot dead in the same dome.

An RSS feed of the top stories is available.

Bad Joke Generator

Give the Bad Joke Generator a subject and a few relevant keywords, and it autogenerates terrible, terrible jokes for you:-

Where does the Surrealbot go on holiday?
The Mech Republic

What's the Surrealbot's favourite film?
Reservoir Cogs

What's the Surrealbot's favourite song?
Light My Wire