Sci-Fi News 3908

The Sci-Fi News Generator (which takes the day's real-life news and converts it into dramatic science-fiction terms) has had a makeover today. Start reading now, for the latest, live news on the 3908 Hypergalactic Olympics:-
Venusian policedroid Jupitersco D'Dedoeledoan won a Hypergalactic iridium medal in double trap vaporising Tuesday and appealed to the Venusian government for a tax exemption on his reward money.
Update: Thanks to perlmonger for creating a LiveJournal syndication of the RSS feed. You can subscribe to it at scifi_newsfeed.

New Year's Resolutions

Don't forget to check your autogenerated resolutions for the year ahead.

In 2008, surrealbot resolves to...
Become a better gibberish.
Volunteer to spend time with robots.
Cut down to ten random words a day.
Spend more time with my kevandotorgs.
Go to nonsense every Sunday.
Backup my oil regularly.
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Twelve Days of LiveJournal

If you thought your Christmas shopping was over, the Twelve Days of LiveJournal still exists, and will autogenerate a song based on the interests listed in your LiveJournal profile, telling you what 376 objects you must buy your true love this year. Good luck.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, kevandotorg sent to me...
Twelve coincidences drumming
Eleven dystopias piping
Ten circulus a-leaping
Nine ants dancing
Eight zombies a-programming
Seven bees a-walking
Six metaphors a-tubewalking
Five ambi-i-i-iguous headlines
Four random words
Three chris morris
Two mind hacks
...and a synaesthesia in a divine comedy.
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Wikipedia Album Generator

The Surrealist brings you its robot-powered, automated version of the Wikipedia Album meme that's doing the rounds at the moment...

My band is Committee for Non-Violent Action and our new album is Make Yourself.

  1. Death Warrant
  2. Common Gateway Interface
  3. PF-89
  4. Kkangpae
  5. Sulawesi Scops Owl
  6. Extreme points of Japan
  7. Farm Road
  8. Chromic acid
  9. William Craigie
  10. PermaTabs
  11. General Madariaga Partido
  12. Şevki Balmumcu
  13. Jessica Celeste Michibata
  14. Oliver E. Williamson
  15. Rustic Shoulder-knot

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Lonesome No More!

This has been dusted off in commemoration, and made into something that you can post to your LiveJournal:-

My new name under Kurt Vonnegut's Lonesome No More! scheme is:-
Surreal Muskellunge-15 Bot
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LiveJournal Space Adventure

Get your own LiveJournal Space Adventure, a randomly-generated science-fiction adventure populated with people from your friendslist, and decorated with scenery that matches your interests. It's like the dungeon one, but, you know, in space.

I escaped from Outpost Kevandotorg!

I killed Ravenblack the security officer, The Alchemist the nutrivend drinks machine and Grimgrim the awful green thing.

I salvaged an Antisynthesis model hazmat suit, a METAPH-2500 supercomputer, a MFFG forcefield generator, a NIKBORTON-20 plasma rifle, Shlunk's commbadge, a dicelithium crystal and 104 galacticredits.

Score: 344

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